Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli sitting with hand extended in front of diagram.

Research Expertise and Interest

Cyber-Physical Systems, System design, Electronic Design Systems, embedded system design, control, integrated circuits, theory, Machine learning applications to Energy Efficient Building and Health

Research Description

Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli's research has always been about understanding and improving the design of complex systems from very large scale integrated circuits, to systems on chip, to automotive systems, from energy efficient buildings to avionics, defense and healthcare systems. Formulating the problem in mathematical terms and finding algorithms to solve it is the focus of his work. Modeling, analysis, formal verification, synthesis and especially methodology are at the center of the contributions that his research group has published and of the tools that they developed. They also place attention to industry collaboration to be relevant and solve "real" problems that often are more challenging than problems  "invented" to demonstrate the technology developed. Presently they focus on Cyber Physical Systems, a tight coupling between physical systems such as mechanical or electrical systems and the "intelligence" provided by software running on computing devices. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, an IEEE and ACM fellow. Alberto is the recipient of numerous awards including the IEEE/Royal Society of Edimburgh (RSE) James Clerk Maxwell Medal "for groundbreaking contributions that have had an exceptional impact on the development of electronics and electrical engineering or related fields" and the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award "for transforming chip design from a handcrafted process to the automated industry that powers today's electronic devices". ​​​​He is a cofounder of Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys, the two company leaders in Electronic Design Automation.


In the News

Four Berkeley engineers receive awards for COVID-19 research

The newly formed research consortium Digital Transformation Institute has made awards to 26 research projects led by top scientists and engineers to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Four of the recipients have faculty appointments at UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering.
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