Streets in his Stanley Hall Laboratory. Photo credit: Michelle Tran

Research Expertise and Interest

bioengineering, computational biology, biophysics, data science, microfluidics, microscopy, genomics

Research Description

The Streets lab develops hardware, software, and molecular tools to study how cells interpret their genome. Research in the Streets lab applies lessons from mathematics, physics, and engineering, to invent new precision measurement technology to dissect and quantify complex biological systems with the ultimate goal of uncovering laws that govern the interactions of molecules inside the cell and the interactions between cells in a tissue or organism.

In the News

Now Fully Complete, Human Genome Reveals New Secrets

A three-year-old consortium has finally filled in remaining DNA, providing the first complete, gapless genome sequence for scientists and physicians to refer to. The newly completed genome, dubbed T2T-CHM13, represents a major upgrade from the current reference genome, called GRCh38, which is used by doctors when searching for mutations linked to disease, as well as by scientists looking at the evolution of human genetic variation.
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