Excellence in Research

Student Excellence

Graduate alumni accomplishments

Berkeley's graduate alumni include 20 Nobel Prize winners, 39 MacArthur Fellow, and 30 National Medal of Science recipients.

20 Nobel Laureates


39 MacArthur Fellows


30 National Medal of Science


Nobel Prize Winner

MacArthur Fellow

National Medal of Science




Graduate Student Enrollment

In 2020, UC Berkeley welcomed roughly 3,540 new graduate students from nearly 42,000 applicants: 2,743 masters and professional students, and 796 in doctoral students.  Of those, 46% are women, and 15% are underrepresented minorities.  

2,743 masters and professional degree


796 doctoral students


Master's and Professional Students

Doctoral Students



46% women 15% underrepresented minorities



Undergraduate Student Enrollment

In 2020, UC Berkeley welcomed roughly 20,280 new undergraduate students.   These undergraduate students have an average weighted GPA of 4.45, and 26.6% are from families in which neither parent has a four-year college degree.  

Average weighted GPA for undergraduate students is 4.45 26.6% of undergraduate students are first-generation college students

Average weighted GPA

First-generation College Students