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Research fund chart 2020: $801.2M total; $504.1M - Federal; $66.7M - Industry; $96.9M - State & Other gov't; $127.6M - Non-profit; $5.9M - UC


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Each year, the Berkeley campus receives well over one-half billion dollars in research support from external sources.


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August 2, 2021

Evolutionary arms race

Graduate student Kristen LeGault and assistant professor Kimberley Seed, both in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, specialize in the evolution of human pathogens and the viruses that infect bacteria, known as phages. Their recent study led to a key discovery about antibiotic and antiviral defense in cholera, as well as phage adaptation.
July 22, 2021

New leadership in CLAS and CMES

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Global, International, and Area Studies, are pleased to announce the appointments of Natalia Brizuela as Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies, and Asad Q. Ahmed, Chair of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

In the Media

July 22, 2021

About 25 years ago astronomers kicked off what would come to be called the "exoplanet revolution" with the discovery of the first alien world orbiting another sunlike star. As the pace of discovery quickened and new data came pouring in, it…

July 13, 2021
During the pandemic, the federal government spent more than $50 billion to shore up the child care industry. But advocates say cost and access are still big hurdles. Over the past several months, special correspondent Cat Wise and producer Kate…
July 8, 2021
New UC Berkeley research draws a strong link between cell phone radiation and tumors, particularly in the brain. Researchers took a comprehensive look at statistical findings from 46 different studies around the globe and found that the use of a…