Staff Contacts

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
119 California Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1500 / (510) 642-7540

Randy Katz Vice Chancellor for Research  510-642-7540

scheduler: Joel Moldenhauer

Linda Rugg

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Elizabeth Brashers Chief of Staff 510-643-7597
Budget and Financial Services
David Castellanos Budget Director  510-664-7476
Human Resources
Laura Mays Academic Personnel Coordinator 510-642-9689
Liz Kafer Academic Personnel Analyst 510-664-4529
Taliah Afranie Academic Personnel Analyst 510-643-7548
Administrative and Analytical Support
Susan Aberg Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research 510-643-4797
Verna Bowie Project Policy Analyst;
Exceptional Principal Investigator Program
Tiff Dressen Strategic Initiatives 510-642-6671
Melanie Mejia Administration and Analysis Staff 510-642-9485
Joel Moldenhauer Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Chief of Staff 510-664-9940
Development/External Relations
Kaja Sehrt Senior Director of Development 510-642-3633
Information Technology
Kimberly Carl Director, Information Systems and Services 510-643-1017
Howie Lan Programmer/Web Developer 510-643-3184
Berkeley Research Development Office
David Trinkle Director 510-207-6233
Erica Whitney  Associate Director for Strategy and Training
Kim Baeten Deputy Director and Research Development Specialist 510-664-9104
Kate Spohr Research Outreach Specialist 510-664-9102
Barbara Ustanko Research Development Analyst 510-664-9106
Jessica Boydston Research Development Analyst 510-643-1795