UC Berkeley-UCSF Faculty Collaboration Program

The UC Berkeley-UCSF Faculty Collaboration Program strives to reward innovative research approaches that take advantage of and promote the convergence of the biomedical, physical and engineering fields encouraging scientists to move into new fields and cross into other areas of convergence in order to realize the full potential for achieving transformative scientific breakthroughs.

To advance this fertile research area, the program facilitates innovation and faculty collaboration between UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco through a prestigious collaboration program. The program currently provides support for one scientist, ideally alternating from each of the two institutions, to collaborate with colleagues at the other institution each year.  

In this way, the program ensures that faculty research agendas are enriched by a widened circle of immediate colleagues and collaborators promoting the integration of research communities across different disciplines.

In 2022-23 we expect to make award(s) of up to $45,000.

Applications are submitted directly to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research via this online application form.