2015/16 Recipients

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Danica Fujimori

Danica Fujimori, UCSF, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology; and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Title: Understanding Substrate Selectivity and Function of RNA Methylation

In collaboration with colleagues at UC Berkeley, and with support from the Sackler Program, Danica Fujimori will investigate physiological relevance of RNA methylation and will develop cell engineering applications that utilize modified RNAs.

Dr. Fujimori is an associate professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, and the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UC San Francisco. Her research aims to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms, regulation, and biological functions of methyl group addition and removal in proteins and RNA. The enzymatic regulation of methyl group modifications provides an opportunity for therapeutic intervention for a wide range of diseases.


Jay Groves
Jay Groves

Jay Groves, UC Berkeley, Chemistry

Title: Mechanical Regulation of RTKs in Cancer

A combination of discoveries by the Groves Lab and their colleagues at UCSF have led to new insights into how cancer cells acquire resistance to the drugs used to destroy them. Unfortunately many cancer patients see their cancer at first respond positively to drug treatment, only to return later with a newfound resistance to the cancer drugs. Support from the Sackler Program will allow this team to develop new ideas and acquire critical first proof-of-principle experimental data into how cancer cells develop this resistance.

Jay Groves is a professor in the Department of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and a Faculty Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His group uses insights from cellular biophysics, physical chemistry, and materials science to study key aspects of signal transduction processes in cell membranes.