Director, Center for Race and Gender

Call for Nominations
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research is conducting an internal search for the position of Director for the Center for Race and Gender (CRG). We are pleased to request nominations for tenured Berkeley Academic Senate faculty whom you feel would be suitable for the position. The nominated candidate should have a well-established research and professional reputation in race and gender studies, demonstrated commitment to supporting students of color, connections with communities beyond the campus, and demonstrated leadership and administrative abilities. A particular focus will be on cultivating philanthropic support, developing proposals for federal and state research grants, and broadly expanding the Center’s existing portfolio of programmatic activities involving faculty, students, postdocs, visiting scholars, and the general public. Self-nominations are welcome.

The CRG is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to promoting and supporting scholarly work on race, gender, and their intersections. Established in 2001 by Chancellor Robert Berdahl in response to student demands for a research center devoted to critical race-gender studies, the CRG is unique nationally in its special focus on the intersections, linkages and co-formations of race and gender.

The CRG acts as a core hub for students, faculty, researchers, artists, and community members who collaborate to explore emerging research issues and develop innovative and community-engaged intellectual projects. The CRG acts as an incubator and home for major research initiatives, such as the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project, the Political Conflict, Gender, and Peoples Rights Project, and the Undocumented Student Research Project. Today, it supports 15 -20 Research Working Groups organized by faculty and students to explore pressing and emerging issues. Additionally, the CRG offers small grants to undergraduate and graduate students engaged in scholarly and creative projects; holds twice-monthly forums featuring presentations by Berkeley faculty and students; hosts a distinguished speaker series; organizes symposia and national/international conferences; and produces research publications and a multimedia archive. Since July 1, 2016 the CRG reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Research and will be administered under the VCR’s established guidelines for ORUs, Institutes, and Centers.

The deadline for nominations is December 2, 2016 [note: since the original announcement, this deadline has been changed to January 17, 2017]. If you would like to make a nomination, please complete and submit the online CRG Director Nomination Form at this link.

Search Advisory Committee
Professor Paola Bacchetta, Department of Gender and Women's Studies
Professor Judith Butler, Department of Comparative Literature
Associate Professor Nikki Jones, Department of African American Studies
Ms. Rachel Kim, CRG Student Advisory Committee
Mr. John Mundell, CRG Student Advisory Committee
Professor Ula Taylor, Department of African American Studies
Professor Katharya Um, Department of Ethnic Studies