UCB-UCSF Sackler Faculty Collaboration Program

NOTE:  The application deadline was May 31, 2019.  

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Center for Biomedical, Physical and Engineering Sciences strives to reward innovative research approaches that take advantage of and promote the convergence of the biomedical, physical and engineering fields encouraging scientists to move into new fields and cross into other areas of convergence in order to realize the full potential for achieving transformative scientific breakthroughs.

To advance this fertile research area, the Center facilitates innovation and faculty collaboration between UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco through a prestigious collaboration program. The program currently provides support for one scientist, ideally alternating from each of the two institutions, to collaborate with colleagues at the other institution each year.  

In this way the program ensures that faculty research agendas are enriched by a widened circle of immediate colleagues and collaborators promoting the integration of research communities across different disciplines.

In 2019/20 we expect to make one award of up to $45,000.  

NOTE: Due to the number of applications received this cycle, the award decision will be announced in August for a September 1 award period start date.

Submission Instructions

A research proposal, budget, resume and any other relevant materials is required in a single document.

  • Title page: please include collaborator names and affiliations as well as your abstract which clearly outlines the overarching goals of the research proposal (approximately 250 words).  Your abstract should be accessible to a lay audience.
  • Research project description: please submit no more than 4 pages, excluding references, CVs (2 pages max each, NSF or NIH style), budget, and budget justification.
  • Budget and budget justification: awards are flexible.  Please see FAQ below for allowable expenses.
  • Overhead is not allowed to be deducted from the funds.
  • You are welcome to consult with your Research Administrator, however applications must not be submitted through SPO (UC Berkeley) or RMS/Contracts & Grants (UCSF) since the program is funded internally. Please submit your application directly via this website. 

NEW Deadline: The deadline for 2019 application has passed.  

Please submit your application directly to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research via this webform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What research expenses are allowable?

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Collaboration Program for Biomedical, Physical and Engineering Sciences will support research expenses, including but not limited to costs related to performing experiments, analyzing research data, supporting workshops, colloquia, and funding research travel. Faculty may also request funds for support of postdocs, graduate or undergraduate research assistants to help carry out the proposed research. Principal investigator salary, including summer salary is not an allowable expense.

In 2019/20 up to $45,000 is available to the awardee.

Overhead is not allowed to be deducted from the funds.


How will the funds be managed?

For Berkeley recipients the award will be administered by the recipient's research administrator; for UCSF recipients, the award, and any necessary multi-location appointments, will be administered by the Berkeley collaborator's home department. Funds will be available in September 2019.  


What are the benefits for faculty participating in the Program?

The program does not require faculty to be on sabbatical leave, but time must be spent at the partner institution conducting the interdisciplinary research. The host institution will provide Visiting Faculty or Researcher status for the faculty accepted from the sending institution. The host institution will provide appropriate working space and access to library, computational, network, and related facilities. 


How are the participants selected?

A committee comprised of senior faculty members and campus leaders from UC Berkeley and UCSF will review applications.

The selection of faculty participant(s) will be made on the basis of merit and expected impact on interdisciplinary research in biomedical, physical and engineering science at both institutions. In making its selection the committee has the goal of alternating which institution is hosting the other’s researcher(s) each year.


Who is eligible to apply?

Applications to the program are restricted to full-time UC Berkeley and UCSF faculty at the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor ranks of any professorial series (including, but not limited to adjunct, in-residence, health sciences, clinical, and professor of clinical optometry).  The host should meet these same criteria.


Can the proposal be based upon on-going research, or must this be a new project?

The project can be based upon on-going research. It does not need to be a new project. Please be sure that the proposal falls within the scope and intention of the solicitation.


How do I apply?

 The 2019 application cycle is closed.  


When is the application deadline for the 2019/120 academic year?

 The deadline for the 2019 application was May 31.  The application cycle is closed.  


Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact research@berkeley.edu with any questions you may have.