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In an era of misinformation, new research by three School of Information students and alums will make it easy to determine the authenticity of an audio clip.
Aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, UC Berkeley researchers compared five methodologies for evaluating the emission reductions of cookstoves in developing countries.
The award honors chemistry leaders whose discoveries are shaping the future of the field and humanity.
New spring semester course, Brilliance of Berkeley, kicks off allowing students to meet 28 Berkeley luminaries, including three Nobel laureates and several MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" awardees, from a wide range of fields and hear lectures about their research.
UC Berkeley researchers discovers evidence for huge underwater eruption 500,000 years ago, part of a still-active volcanic arc in the Aegean.
Berkeley Law students Grace Geurin-Henley and Gwen Iannone, leaders of Berkeley Law's Gun Violence Prevention Project, are helping a nonprofit pursue international impact litigation claims.
A new UC Berkeley study shows that kelp flourished off the Northwest Coast more than 32 million years ago, long before the appearance of modern groups of marine mammals, sea urchins, birds and bivalves that today call the forests home.
UC Berkeley School of Public Health Professor examines the ethics of innovative technologies like gene editing and artificial intelligence, focusing on its intersection with the use of AI in mental health.
UC Berkeley researchers aim to create a fleet of low-cost, autonomous spacecraft propelled by light particles.
Two UC Berkeley authors explore the social power of unsettling images from war and conflict — and the psychic risks they pose to viewers.
An Award for Outstanding Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion was bestowed to the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), a research hub at the University of California, Berkeley that generates evidence decision-makers use to reduce global poverty.
A new study by researchers at UC Berkeley and elsewhere shows that after excise taxes were placed on sugary beverages, purchases declined dramatically and steadily across five American cities.
UC Berkeley professor explains America's deep cultural connection to ancient European customs and traditions with the story of Sinterklaas becoming Santa Claus.
UC Berkeley comparative psychologist have found that great apes and chimpanzees can recognize groupmates they haven't seen in over two decades.
UC Berkeley professor and his lab has been awarded $3.7M to continue their quest for the elusive axion, a particle believed to make up dark matter in the universe.
The six selected programs will use information technology to address challenges in various sectors, including aviation, climate resilience and sustainability, digital health, and semiconductors and systems.