Step 7: Share My Research

Post-Award Phase


How do I publish my research?

When you are ready to publish papers and research data, explore the Berkeley Library Scholarly Communication Services resources.

Grants, Contracts, and Cooperative Agreements

Be sure to review the terms and condition of your funding award agreement, as some funders (especially for-profit companies) require a pre-review period before you submit for publication.  While UC Berkeley cannot accept restrictions on your ability to publish, some funders like to provide feedback and comments, and others may identify patentable inventions for which they would like UC Berkeley's Office of Technology Licensing to file a patent application.  Contact the Office of Technology Licensing with any questions about invention disclosures.


A gift cannot be associated with any special access rights, except in very few cases in which the university has agreed in the gift terms to the funder’s right to early review concerning their own confidential information.  Please consult your gift agreement and if you have questions.

How do I share my data or software?

If you are seeking to send data or software to a party outside UC Berkeley, contact the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) for an outgoing data use or software agreement.

If the funder or publisher of your grant requires that research data be archived and shared through a data repository, please visit Dryad. UC Berkeley is a member institution of Dryad, a community-owned, curated data repository. Contact the Library Data Services Program for other options. 

How do I share my materials?

Before transferring research materials outside the university, contact the IPIRA Office of Technology Licensing to put together an outgoing materials transfer agreement (MTA).

I have created new software. How would I release it under an open source license?

Many researchers release their software under open source licenses. Please visit the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) to disclose software and discuss the open source license with a UC Berkeley licensing officer. You can also email, and a licensing officer will get in touch with you.

In addition, University of California Office of the President (UCOP) has resources on Open Source Licensing. See UCOP information on UC's preferred and recommended open source licenses.

How do I protect my invention or software if I think it might have commercial value?

Submit an invention disclosure or software disclosure to the IPIRA Office of Technology Licensing whenever you feel you have discovered something unique with possible commercial value, ranging from a new material, device, research tool, software, or mouse model, to a novel algorithm, or even a new use for an FDA-approved drug. For additional information or to discuss your idea, contact OTL.

How do I start a company?

If you are considering starting a company, visit the Berkeley Gateway to Innovation (BEGIN), a portal to the entrepreneurship community at UC Berkeley. Learn about entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and download the Entrepreneurs' Startup Guide.

If your new company is based on intellectual property (IP) developed at UC Berkeley, be sure to contact the Office of Technology Licensing ( to discuss any encumbrances or obligations Berkeley may have to a funding agency.  

How long do I need to retain my records? 


UC Berkeley has policies on records retention based on the type of record. On occasion, funding agencies will have more restrictive data and records retention requirements, so be sure to review the terms and conditions of your funding award. 

Research Administration and Compliance will serve as the institutional record holder for proposals and awards. You will need to ensure that your data and research-related records (including lab notebooks, data sets, etc.) are stored securely in accordance with UC policies.  

Where do I get help?


Find more guidance on publishing and preserving your data on the Berkeley Research Data Portal.

Contact for questions or suggestions related to this Grant Lifecycle website. We will triage your question and refer you to the correct office.

How can I provide feedback on this website?


We want this Grant Life Cycle webpage to be useful, and we welcome all feedback. Please use this form to provide feedback to our team: Grant Life Cycle feedback form.