Heising-Simons Faculty Fellows Program News

Wood as a Window Into the Past

Daniel Stolper, a 2023 Heising-Simons Faculty Fellow, is analyzing the chemical composition of ancient wood to learn about Earth’s climatic past.

The Chemistry of Energy Efficient Electronics

Kwabena Bediako, a 2023 Heising-Simons Faculty Fellow, is using his expertise in chemistry and physics to design new magnetic and electronic crystals and new ways of storing energy from renewable sources.

Building the Materials for Next-Gen Tech

Felix Fischer, a 2022 Heising-Simons Faculty Fellow, uses his organic chemistry background to build materials for next-generation computers, sensors and communications platforms.

Seeing in Super-Resolution

Ke Xu, a 2021 Heising-Simons Faculty Fellow, develops new ways to see the tiniest and fastest processes inside living cells. 

Drawn to Superconducting Magnets

James Analytis wants to understand the underpinnings of superconductors, which could lead to new kinds of MRI machines or supercomputers.

New fellows program supports taking risks in science

To support research that has the potential to forge new paths in the physical sciences, UC Berkeley launched the Heising-Simons Faculty Fellows program. Through a generous gift from the Heising-Simons Family Fund, early- and mid-career faculty members working in geology and geophysics, materials sciences and materials chemistry, astronomy and physics will have the opportunity to apply for five-year $1 million fellowships to pursue basic science research that could lead to paradigm-shifting discoveries.