Berkeley Research in the News

April 14, 2014
The bad news: a major transformation of our current energy supply system is needed in order to avoid a dangerous increase in global temperatures. The good news: the technologies needed to get there are mostly readily available.
April 14, 2014
Solomon Hsiang, economist and assistant professor of public policy intends for his studies to provide a “ground–level” view of climate’s current and likely future role in such social stresses as child mortality, crime and social upheaval.
April 10, 2014
When Berkeley graduate student Jeff Benca submitted a paper describing a new species of long-extinct lycopod, he ditched the standard line drawing and insisted on a detailed color reconstruction of the plant. This piece earned the cover of the American Journal of Botany.

Berkeley Research in Numbers

Berkeley ranks first among U.S. universities in the number of highly ranked graduate programs. In a report published in September 2010, the National Research Council (NRC) placed 48 out of 52 ranked UC Berkeley doctoral programs within the top 10 nationally. This compared to 46 of 52 programs for Harvard University, which came in second, and 40 of 59 programs for UCLA, in third place.

Among its current faculty are:

  • 8 Nobel laureates
  • 141 members of the National Academy of Sciences 
  • 94 members of the National Academy of Engineering 
  • 13 recipients of the National Medal of Science
  • 230 Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

2012/13 ResearchDonut chart of 2012/13 Research Funding by Sponsor.
Funding by Sponsor
(in millions)


Each year, the Berkeley campus receives well over one-half billion dollars in research support from external sources.