The Clausen Center’s mission is to raise the visibility of the teaching and practice of international business and policy at the Haas School of Business.

The Clausen Center is currently administered by Atif Mian.

The committee’s current conception of the activities that the center should support include the following:

•Primarily, the committee is interested in funding a small number of events of high visibility. Talks by famous speakers come to mind quickly, but we could also imagine supporting conferences or symposia. We’re prepared to support organizers appropriately.

•Supporting the Dean’s Speaker Series, where appropriate.

•Supporting doctoral students whose research involves international business and/or policy.

•Providing funds for miscellaneous expenditures (such as seminars, conferences, speakers, data sets, and so forth) that fall under the purview of international business and/or policy.

We welcome suggestions and inquiries from Haas School faculty.


Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas

(510) 789-4561

Staff Contact

Maria Carkovic

(510) 664-9148