The Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) is a multi-disciplinary research and policy center on higher education oriented to California, the nation, and comparative international issues. CSHE promotes discussion among university leaders, government officials, and academics; assists policy-making by providing a neutral forum for airing contentious issues; and keeps the higher education world informed of new initiatives and proposals. The Center's research aims to inform current debate about higher education policy and practice.

Research at CSHE

The Center has developed Research Program Areas involving affiliated faculty, visiting scholars and our own researchers:

  • Higher Education in the Digital Age
  • Science and Technology Policy and Higher Education
  • The Research University
  • Policy Issues in California Higher Education
  • University of California History

The Center's mission is to produce and support multi-disciplinary scholarly perspectives on strategic issues in higher education, to conduct relevant policy research, to promote the development of a community of scholars and policymakers engaged in policy-oriented discussion, and to serve the public as a resource on higher education. CSHE brings to this discussion several distinct perspectives:

  • A national and international and comparative focus
  • A focus on higher education policy issues unique to California and its different tiers of education
  • A focus on the specific strategic issues important to the University of California

Berkeley Institutes on Higher Education

The Center offers short courses on U. S. research universities, higher education in California, the University of California itself, and university roles in technological innovation.  These are typically, but not necessarily, a week long.  Interested persons may enroll in course offerings given in the summer, or special arrangements may be made for pre-formed groups.  Additional information is on the Center's web site.  For further information, contact the Director.

Executive Leadership Academy

The Center also offers, jointly with the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, an annual course for those who are interested in developing themselves towards higher leadership posts in universities, such as President and Provost.  The course emphasizes those skills needed for such positions, including the ability to function well in a multi-cultural society.  For more information, see the center's web site or contact the Director.

Other Center Programs

CSHE has a number of activities related both to supporting Center-affiliated scholars and to providing a forum for the investigation of policy issues on higher education. These include:

  • Open and Affordable Textbooks Project
  • Access of Ethnic Minorities to Higher Education Project
  • Student Fees and Tuition Financing Survey Project
  • Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Project
  • Symposia and Conferences
  • Visiting Scholars Program
  • Clark Kerr Lectures On the Role of Higher Education in Society
  • Research and Occasional Papers Series on Higher Education
  • Affiliated Publications including a scholarly journal on the history of the University of California
  • Library of books, reports, and journals on higher education
  • Web-Based Archive and Clearinghouse Resources
  • Public Service and Consultancy
  • Humanities and Liberal Arts in Public Research Universities
  • University Governance
  • Pension Reform in Higher Education


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