The Center for Law, Energy & the Environment (CLEE) is a research center at Berkeley Law.  The Center’s mission is to develop policy solutions to the most pressing environmental and energy issues at the state, local, and national levels.  Drawing on the combined expertise of faculty and students across UC Berkeley, CLEE conducts influential research and provides public access to reliable data on such complex issues as climate change, conversion to clean energy, and water scarcity. 

The center’s energy experts are helping California transition to clean and renewable energy sources, introduce reforms that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mandate and promote more efficient vehicles, and protect the long-term viability of our water supply.  They are also working with state leaders on revising transportation and land-use policy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.  Other efforts include identifying measures to reduce the amount of energy needed to deliver water and studying state initiatives to help form a renewable energy program that doesn’t unduly restrict interstate commerce.

Our Environmental Law Program

At Berkeley Law, we approach environmental law within a broad context of the social, economic, and political forces that shape law and public policy. Our faculty members are recognized authorities in the environmental, economic, and political science fields, and epitomize the school’s interdisciplinary vision.

Faculty and Students pursue initiatives that:

  • help implement California’s climate change policies and chart the future of national climate change policy;
  • develop creative ideas for protecting and allocating water resources;
  • advance national, state, and local energy policy;
  • improve conservation policy at the state and national levels; and
  • help businesses adapt to the demands of climate change.


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