Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
(510) 664-4321

Research Expertise and Interest

astrophysics, neutrino physics, nuclear astrophysics, tests of symmetries and conservation laws in nuclear and particle and atomic physics, many-body theory, effective theories


Wick Haxton is a theorist who works on neutrino and nuclear astrophysics, low-energy tests of symmetries (parity, CP, lepton number), and associated many-body physics of atoms, nuclei, and condensed matter. He received his BS from UC Santa Cruz in 1971 and PhD from Stanford University in 1976. His early research career included seven years with the Los Alamos Theory Division, where he was a J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellow and scientific staff member. He then spent 25 years as a professor at the University of Washington, including 15 years as director of the Institute for Nuclear Theory, the Department of Energy’s national center for the field, before moving to UC Berkeley in 2009.

Haxton is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (1987), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1988), and American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1999); and a member of the National Academy of Sciences (1999) and the Washington State Academy of Sciences (2008). He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2000 and the APS’s Hans Bethe Prize in 2004. Haxton has served the American Physical Society in many capacities, including as chair of the Astrophysics (1997) and Nuclear Physics (1993) Divisions, General Councillor (1991-95), and chair of the Nominations Committee (1997-98). Haxton is an editor for Physics Letters B and associate Editor for the Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science.

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