Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology

Research Expertise and Interest

Bioarchaeology, skeletal biology, gender research, biological and evolutionary anthropology, osteology and osteoporosis, health and disease, paleopathology.


Dr. Agarwal’s research interests are focused broadly upon the age, sex and gender-related changes in bone quantity and quality, particularly the application of biocultural and developmental approaches to the study of bone maintenance and fragility. More recently, she is particularly interested in the application of research in bone maintenance to dialogues of social identity and embodiment in bioarchaeology. She has examined age-related changes in cortical bone microstructure, trabecular architecture, and mineral density in several British archaeological populations, and is currently examining the long-term effect of growth and reproduction (parity and lactation) on the human and non-human primate maternal skeleton, studying samples from Turkey, Japan, and California.

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