Professor and Chair, Department of Architecture
Department of Architecture
(510) 642-4942

Research Expertise and Interest

disaster recovery, housing impacts in disasters, loss modeling, performance based design


As an architect, I designed numerous public and private facilities including market rate and affordable housing. In the last two decades, my research has focused on the costs and benefits of seismic rehabilitation for existing buildings (particularly housing), post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, and loss modeling. A book on these issues, Disaster Hits Home: New Policy for Urban Housing Recovery, was published by U. C. Press in 1998.


I developed a pilot study of the economic impact of disaster losses on the University of California, Berkeley campus in 2000 and completed a study of the contents losses in science laboratories with colleagues at the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research (PEER) Center in 2004. With William T. Holmes, I co-authored a technical manual for the seismic restraint of laboratory contents. I have completed work on downtime modeling for the PEER performance-based earthquake engineering methodology. Currently I am working on a NSF Grand Challenge -- a five year project to reduce the risk of collapse in nonductile concrete buildings.

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