Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
(510) 664-4299

Research Expertise and Interest

quantum information and computation, precision measurements, ion traps, quantum state engineering, decoherence, quantum simulations, quantum energy transport, quantum chaos, cryogenic electronics


My main research interests focus on trapped ions to get a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics. Using laser light, strings of ions trapped with electrodynamical forces can be cooled to their motional ground state. Furthermore, the ions' internal electronic states can be initialized, manipulated and measured with high accuracy. This high degree of control offers exciting prospects to investigate quantum phenomena such as superpositions and entanglement both in atomic systems as well as in more complex systems.

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In Research News

Graphic of earth's rotation in relation to sun.
January 28, 2015

UC Berkeley physicists used partially entangled atoms identical to the qubits in a quantum computer to demonstrate more precisely than ever before – to one part in a billion billion – that space is uniform in all directions and not squeezed.

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