Chenxi Tang
Professor of German
Department of German

Research Expertise and Interest

German literature; early modern Europe; History of Political and Legal Thought; Law and Literature; Europe and China


The first volume of his project “Imagining World Order: International Law and Literature in Europe,” completed in 2015, shows how international law emerged in the early modern period, how literature worked on the problems inherent in international law and imaginatively rehearsed various models of world order, and how in the process a set of literary forms common to major European languages – a European literature – evolved. The second volume studies the literary and jurisprudential origins of international institutions in the period from the French Revolution to the founding of the United Nations. Prof. Tang’s earlier book-length projects investigate how modern Europe created a temporal-spatial framework for itself, tracing the beginning of the writing of world history in the Enlightenment, as well as the romantic origins of the geographic paradigm in modern Western thought.

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