PhD program ranking

UC Berkeley attracts some of the best graduate students in the world.   48 out of the university's 52 Ph.D. programs are ranked in the top 10 (the most in the nation)43 Ph.D. programs ranked in the top 5, and 16 Ph.D. programs are ranked #1.   

UCB's 52 Ph.D. programs - 48 rank in top 10; 43 rank in top 5; 16 ranked #1. 

Our rankings are based on the most recent analysis by the National Research Council (NRC)  involving 20 criteria from more than 5,000 programs at 212 institutions. For more information see this rankings graphic and news coverage.


Graduate Fellowships:

NSF Fellowships 2004 - 2013

Between 2004 and 2013, 1298 National Science Foundation graduate research fellowships were awarded to graduate students at UC Berkeley, more than any other university. (MIT 2nd; Stanford 3rd; Harvard 4th). UC Berkeley solidified this lead in 2011/2012.


Fulbright Program in 2013

UC Berkeley is consistently recognized as a top producer of successful Fulbright Program applicants. In 2013, 18 Berkeley students - 11 graduate and 7 undergraduate students - were awarded Fulbright fellowships.

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships cumulative from 1986 - 2011

Over the past 10 years, UC Berkeley students have received more Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships than students at any other institution.    


Graduate alumni accomplishments

Berkeley's graduate alumni include 20 Nobel Prize winners, 39 MacArthur Fellow, and 30 National Medal of Science recipients.

graphic-UCB alumni awards


Graduate student enrollment

In 2014, UC Berkeley welcomed roughly 3,330 new graduate students:
2,383     master’s and professional students
947        doctoral students
45%      women
13%      underrepresented minorities
These students were selected from nearly 40,000 applicants. UC Berkeley’s graduate admissions are very competitive with only 11% of doctoral applicants and 23% of master's applicant receiving offers in 2014.


Undergraduate student enrollment

In 2014, UC Berkeley welcomed roughly 17,150 new undergraduate students.  

UCB undergrad. avg SAT = 2015; 27 score perfect 2400 SAT; 4.39 avg weighted GPA


UCB- 1st generation college students: Freshman 17%; Transfers 30%

Among these students, the average SAT score is 2015, the averge weighted high school GPA is 4.39, and 17% of freshman are from families in which neither parent has a four-year college degree; it's 30% among transfer students.