Upcoming COVID-19 Funding Opportunities and Special Opportunities for UC Berkeley

In addition to opportunities posted on VCRO's COVID-19 funding opportunities website, this page provides information on funding opportunities on the horizon, or other opportunities that aren't widely publicized.

Lewis-Burke Associates' latest update on COVID-19 federal actions and opportunities

Lewis-Burke's April 17 Federal Update includes Congressional updates, OMB guidance, and upcoming opportunities from several research agencies. Currently open opportunities appear on VCRO's page of COVID-19 Funding Opportunities, with some exceptions, including:

  • In-Q-Tel is interested in innovative technology ideas for COVID-19, including: point of care diagnostics, swabs for sample collection, serological diagnostics, digital self-triage capabilities for telehealth.

Lewis-Burke Associates is a firm campus uses for intel in DC. If you have questions for them or about their services, please contact Dave Trinkle (dtrinkle@berkeley.edu)

Special opportunities for UC Berkeley

IN-PART sent UC Berkeley an invitation for researchers to submit collaboration opportunities to IN-PART’s industry network, without cost or subscription. According to the attached note, “IN-PART is an online collaboration platform that connects academic research with teams at over 6,000 R&D intensive companies worldwide, including >95% of the world’s top 100 Pharma and Biotech companies.” As examples, they list prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines, anti-viral drugs, protective equipment, and diagnostics. See IN-PART's invitation for details.

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