Funding Opportunities

Announcements of research funding opportunities are typically posted on the dedicated websites of the relevant federal agencies or other funders, as well as on government-wide sites like  It’s not always easy to find your way through this welter of information to locate opportunities that match your needs and interests. Various offices across campus provide tools that can help.

Review Recent Funding Program Announcements

  • Selected Upcoming FOAs: A list of upcoming Funding Opportunity Announcements organized by agency and funding source, compiled by Research Administration and Compliance (RAC) at UC Berkeley.  
  • Databases and Search Engines: resource list compiled by BRDO.

Explore Targeted Funding Opportunities

UC Berkeley’s Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) and other campus sites provide additional information on funding opportunities for a variety of needs, subjects, and applicant types. Direct links to some of the most commonly requested opportunities are listed below by targeted needs, subjects, and applicant types.

Ask BRDO for help finding research funding.


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