Connect to Campus Research on COVID-19

Connect to other campus research efforts

To help the significant number of significant COVID-19 research projects across campus converge and find partners across disparate disciplines, this space will be used to list projects and points of contact for more information.

Join the conversation

Below are two Slack channels that provide a means to review funding opportunities, discuss research interests, and advance specific projects. They are note the only means by which people are communicating, and we would be happy to add other mechanisms for facilitating collaborative research.

  • Innovative Genomics Institute’s "IGI COVID-19 RRR" Slack channel for Berkeley faculty in biology and related disciplines. For more info contact Megan Hochstrasser.
  • VCRO’s "UCB COVID-19 Non-Bio Research" Slack channel. This is open to anyone on campus. Sign yourself up through this link. For more info contact Dave Trinkle.

If you want to add other mechanisms for collaborative research to this list, please contact Dave Trinkle.

Contribute equipment and supplies

Supplies needed to fight the pandemic are running short in many areas.

IGI’s page on Our COVID-19 Response and How to Help discusses the need for specific equipment and reagents.

IGI and CZ Biohub had been seeking volunteers, but after an incredible influx of offers they both paused their volunteer outreach. We are aware of external efforts to sign up volunteers but we want to encourage only institutionally coordinated signup efforts.

Perform your own COVID-19 research on campus

If you are interested in doing COVID-19 research in campus facilities, please see this VCRO COVID-19 Current Research Operations & Continuity Planning page for important guidance and frequently asked questions. For current COVID-19-related funding opportunities, please see this page.

If you want to add to this page other ways to contribute to COVID-19 research, please contact Dave Trinkle.