How to Apply

Please review the proposal guidelines and upload your application materials below. If you have questions about overall program parameters and guidelines, please consult our frequently asked questions. Please contact with any additional questions you may have.

The application deadline for the 2023 cycle is Friday, February 3, 2023 at 5pm.

Please submit the following:

  1. Proposal (up to five pages with pages numbered, excluding references, CV, and budget). It should demonstrate how your proposed project is novel and how you would use the Heising-Simons Faculty Fellowship award to catalyze your proposed research. Your proposal should contain the following elements:
    • What is the key scientific or technical insight you seek to advance? What problem are you solving?
    • Briefly describe the current scientific landscape in this area. How will your proposed project make a unique contribution?
    • How is your lab/team uniquely qualified to advance this approach/technology?
    • What are the biggest challenges this project faces? How will you address them?
    • How will you use the support from the Heising-Simons Faculty Fellowship? Please explain your budget and timeline and describe additional existing and pending sources of funding, matching grants and gifts-in-kind relevant to your project.
  2. CV: Be sure to call out any special qualifications you may have that uniquely qualify you for this project. (3 pages max)
  3. Budget and Timeline: Please complete this budget and timeline template. Note that if you receive an award from the program, you may adjust the timeline/milestones and budget that you laid out in your original proposal at later stages. We expect that your original plans might change due to new advances in science and technology, changes in the research lab/team, etc. You will be asked to provide an updated timeline on an annual basis so that the review committee can understand and track your progress.
    • You do not need to deduct any overhead.
    • The application does not need to be reviewed by the Sponsored Projects Office

Proposal Submission

Applications can be completed and submitted using this application form