Undergraduate Discovery Experiences - Overview

Developing the capacity to inquire, discover, and create is the core purpose of an undergraduate education.

undergraduate discovery experience

If you would like to assist with developing this initiative or if you would like to provide feedback please submit your details here.

The Berkeley Undergraduate Discovery Experience is a campus-wide initiative to engage and support more undergraduate students in scholarly and experiential learning. The broad term “Discovery Experience” intentionally references a wide range of immersive learning projects - from substantial research experiences and artistic production to entrepreneurial initiatives and community-engaged projects. All such efforts should challenge students to question, design, implement, and iterate toward a thoughtful and creative culminating product. Many of our undergraduates already partake in such experiences. We aspire for all of them to do so. Toward that goal, discussions need to occur about how such experiences are defined, fostered, administered, and mentored.

We invite faculty, staff, undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs to join the discussion.  Please submit your details here if you wish assist or serve on a working group.

undergraduate discovery experience