2019/20 Recipient

James Robinson, UC Berkeley
School of Public Health

Title: Clinical and Economic Endpoints for Assessing Employer Strategies to Shift Patients from Hospital-based to Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery

Professor James Robinson, School of Public Health, UC BerkeleyThis project will support a larger multi-year research study of clinical and economic performance for major surgical, medical, and diagnostic procedures in freestanding (ASC) and hospital-based (HOPD) settings. We will identify the procedures to be compared across ASCs and HOPDs, and of particular importance, the relevant clinical endpoints. We will also develop economic endpoints, such as total payment and patient cost sharing; and utilization endpoints, such as discharge disposition, length of stay, emergency department visits, and readmissions.

This proposed project will combine the economic expertise of the Berkeley faculty and the clinical knowledge and expertise of Professor Sanket Dhruva from the UCSF School of Medicine, along with graduate student research assistants on both campuses. We are hopeful that this collaboration will establish the pilot results that can be used for a successful multi-year collaboration between the two campuses.