Climate Readiness Institute


The Climate Readiness Institute develops 21st century climate adaptation solutions to build the Bay Area’s capacity for action, and creates knowledge to inform and inspire cities worldwide.


The CRI, headquartered at UC Berkeley, features experts from the region’s leading research institutions including climate science, civil engineering, urban planning, ecology, oceanography, and law. Public sector partners include natural resource managers, transportation planners, health departments, and representatives from local, regional, and state government. Leading business groups, community-based organizations, and science education stakeholders are key players in charting CRI’s direction. Working together, this diverse team is developing solutions to the Bay Area’s most pressing climate challenges that would not be possible by working alone, while creating new knowledge for cities worldwide.


The role of both undergraduate and graduate students is vital to the success of the CRI. Young people, having grown up under the specter of climate change, are called to action and eager to participate. The CRI provides a framework, as well as financial support, for students of involved faculty to participate in research that is local, hands-on, and relevant in real-time. They will affect change and shift policy.

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In News

August 27, 2018

UC Berkeley leads new assessment of Bay Area climate impacts

California today issued its latest assessment of the many challenges the state faces from climate change — including wildfires like those still raging throughout the state – and highlighted for the first time the regional impacts with nine deep-dive reports spearheaded by University of California scientists.