Berkeley Program in Science Technology Studies

The mission of the Berkeley Program in Science Technology Studies (bSTS) is to advance understanding of scientific and technological practice and knowledge in their local, national and international settings, coordinating and promoting scholarship, teaching, and outreach regarding their deep intertwining in society. As a key part of the Sciences and Society research unit within the Division of Social Sciences, bSTS is uniquely positioned to emphasize our commitment to scholarship on science, technology and society in a globalizing world. Our activities include cutting-edge working groups, conferences, and colloquia, and we cultivate an active intellectual community that includes graduate students and visiting scholars. Our events have included major interdisciplinary conferences (What's Left of Life?; Science/Nation/Race/Gender), ongoing campus working groups (such as Green Innovation and Justice); partnerships with major state-wide and campus-level initiatives such as the California Stem Cell initiative, and collaborations with local and regional organizations dedicated to social and environmental justice.

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