Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy

The Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy (BCLBE) is Berkeley Law’s hub for rigorous, relevant, empirically based research and education on the interrelationships of law, business, and the economy. BCLBE informs students, policymakers and the public of the implications of this innovative work to promote positive outcomes on business operations, economic growth, and market efficiency. BCLBE’s interdisciplinary approach to basic research, timely policy research, curriculum innovation, and public education empowers current and future leaders in business, law and policy to tackle the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow.

BCLBE Initiatives

Informing Business Leaders, Policymakers and Scholars:

BCLBE pursues policy-oriented initiatives that promote dialog among business leaders, scholars and government officials, and explore issues important to the future of the California, national and international economies and to the businesses and people that work within them. These initiatives include:

  • Financial Market Innovation and Stability: BCLBE brings together academic resources from across UC Berkeley with insights from the professional, business and policy worlds to develop evidence-based recommendations for stabilizing and prudently regulating capital markets and financial institutions. Research projects have addressed restructuring defaulting mortgages in securitization pools, the US Treasury’s bank stress tests, analysis of the Mortgage Electronic Registration System, and improving bank transparency while protecting proprietary information.
  • Technology Innovation and Commercialization: BCLBE works with teams of experts in innovation finance and policy, patent law, and technology to illuminate the scientific and commercial development of biomedical inventions and clean technologies. The projects aim to lower barriers to financing and implementing commercialization of innovations.
  • Business Document Analyses: BCLBE faculty, working with a network of electronic text analysis and law practice experts, are developing computerized tools to automate the analysis of text of legal documents such as transaction agreements, prospectuses and corporate organizational documents.  This computer program will facilitate legal document review and analysis by scholars, by practitioners in negotiations and litigation and by investors in structuring and evaluating financings.
  • The Network: Business at Berkeley Law: BCLBE and the Berkeley Business Law Journal (BBLJ) have collaborated to create an online journal to keep professionals, policymakers, the business community and the general public informed about current issues and events at the intersection of law, business and economics. The Network: Business at Berkeley Law is part of a larger effort by BCLBE and BBLJ to utilize social media and the Internet to build awareness of the work of UC Berkeley faculty and provide students, academics and professionals the opportunity to engage in online dialog about the impact of law and regulation on business and the economy. 

Innovative, Relevant, Multi-disciplinary Training:

BCLBE creates an environment in which students gain a deeper understanding of the legal rules and economic principles that affect economies and businesses operating within them. BCLBE helps students grasp the context in which business and legal strategies are developed, and decisions are made.

  • The Business@BerkeleyLaw courses instruct law students in the fundamentals of business finance, management and strategy. These courses concentrate on the economic and legal circumstances confronting businesses and entrepreneurs from the initial stages of a company’s conception through its growth and maturation, and provide students the skills to solve real business problems.
  • The Business Law Certificate recognizes those students who have successfully pursued a rigorous course of study to prepare for professional practice as legal advisors to businesses, NGOs and government entities. Students completing the program have breadth, expertise and preparation for future growth. Students may elect to focus on either the transactional, tax or litigation aspects of the business law field.

Empirical Research to Support Evidence Based Education and Decision Making:

Building on the fruits of projects such as the following, BCLBE provides to students an evidence based education and to professionals, business leaders and policymakers, data based advice on decision making and policy initiatives. Empirical research projects include:

  • Securitized Subprime Mortgages: Understanding Contract Rules and Incentives
  • Collateralized Debt Obligations: Disclosures and Default
  • Transaction and Governance Document Analysis and Database Project
  • Patenting and Commercializing Biotech Innovations
  • Social Psychological Investigation of Non-Readership of Click-Through Agreements

BCLBE Principal Personnel

Eric L. Talley, Faculty Co-Director; Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Professor of Law, Business & the Economy, UC Berkeley School of Law, and Senior Economist, RAND Corp. His teaching and research interests include corporate and commercial law, contracts, corporate finance, quantitative methods, securities regulation, behavioral law and economics, and game theory.

Nancy Wallace, Faculty Co-Director; Professor and Chair of the Haas Real Estate Group; and
Co-Chair of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. She is an authority on real estate investment analysis, strategy, finance and asset backed securitizations.

Ken Taymor, Executive Director. His professional experience includes organizing, structuring and financing private companies, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate transactions. At BCLBE his research focuses on commercializing innovative technologies.

Core Faculty

Robert P. Bartlett III
Richard Buxbaum

Robert Cooter
Aaron Edlin
Stavros Gadinis
Prasad Krishnamurthy
Justin McCrary
Daniel Rubinfeld
Suzanne Scotchmer

Directors and Fellows

Anthony Zaloom
China Program Director

Matthew DalSanto
Post-doctoral Research Fellow

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