Workshop Chairs

  • Donald J. DePaolo (UCB, LBNL)
  • Dongxiao Zhang (PKU)


Organizing Committee Co-Chairs

  • Curtis M. Oldenburg and Hui-Hai Liu (LBNL)


Organizing Committee

  • Sally M. Benson (GCEP)
  • Bin Gong (PKU)
  • Larry R. Myer (LBNL)
  • Franklin M. (“Lynn”) Orr (Precourt Institute. for Energy, Stanford)
  • Berend Smit (UCB and LBNL)
  • ZhongHe Pang (CAS)
  • Pingping Shen (PetroChina)
  • Yuzhuo Zhang (Shenhua)
  • Chuangbing Zhou (Wuhan University)




Goal of Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to promote bi-directional transfer of knowledge and information on CCS to promote the development of collaborative projects between U.S. and Chinese researchers that will accelerate development and deployment of safe and effective CCS in China and the U.S.


Program Design

  • Mix of overview and technical talks
  • Breaks and meals with ample opportunity for social interaction
  • Poster session for face-to-face exchanges of technical information
  • Parallel breakouts in capture and storage to identify specific overlapping research areas of mutual interest to jumpstart collaborations


Affiliation abbreviations

  • BUCT  Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  • CAS    Chinese Academy of Science
  • CAE    Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • GCEP  Global Climate and Energy Program, Stanford University
  • UCB    University of California, Berkeley
  • LBNL  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • PKU    Peking University
  • TPRI    Thermal Power Research Institute
  • TU       Tsinghua University