The Philomathia Foundation

philomathia logoThe Philomathia Foundation is a private charitable organization, registered in Canada and Hong Kong, dedicated to improving the human condition through the support of innovative, forward-thinking individuals and ideas. The driving force behind the Foundation is the belief that knowledge and research should not be contained and focused within a single discipline, but rather used creatively to solve problems across disciplines and across cultures.

The Foundation was formed in 2004 by the Chung brothers, who share a dedication to furthering knowledge and solving humanity’s problems through novel applications of research and technology.

Through its targeted donations to leading Canadian research universities and its ever-expanding scholarship programs, the Canadian Foundation is creating new pathways through which innovative ideas and creative minds can more easily enter the global arena and make lasting impacts on the human condition.

The Hong Kong Foundation is responsible for supporting research and education internationally. Several sites in different countries have been chosen to lead the development of solutions to global concerns. It also strives to promote and assist the exchange of ideas among scientists and scholars from different continents.

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