Improving Research Administration - Project Team and Governance

Project Sponsors

Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Randy Katz, Vice Chancellor, Research
Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor, Administration

Reponsibilities: Decision making body; sets vision and direction; defines the scope of the project; resolves project issues and balances conflicting priorities and resources.


Project Management Team 

Ann Jeffrey, Project Manager

Reponsibilities: Responsible for the planning and execution of the project. 


RA Resolution Team

We have established a resolution team to handle and resolve research administration related issues. Issues that defy resolution through normal channels will be escalated to this team.

Eric Giegerich, Industry Alliances Office
Peggy Huston, Campus Shared Services
Pam Miller, Sponsored Projects Office
Delphine Regalia, Controller’s Office
David Robinson, Office of Legal Affairs
Maria Rubinshteyn, Business Contracts & Brand Protection
Pat Schlesinger, Research Administration and Compliance


Functional RA Leadership Group

Pat Schlesinger, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Administration and Compliance
Peggy Huston, Chief Operating Officer, Campus Shared Services (CSS)
Delphine Regalia,Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller
Eric Giegerich, Director, Industry Alliances Office (IAO)
Pam Miller, Director, Sponsored Projects Office
Adam Berke, CSS Contracts and Grants Manager
Kate Lewis, Associate Director, Industry Alliance Office

Reponsibilities: Provide functional expertise in their field; allocate subject matter experts to support the project from initiation to closure; provide feedback on recommendations; resolve project issues; establish performance metrics 


Research Administration Advisory Group

Richard Allen, Earth & Planetary Science
Stuart Bale, Space Sciences Lab and Chair for the Committee on Research
Jeff Bokor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Ron Cohen, Chemistry
Eric Giegerich, Industry Alliances Office
Heidi Hoffman, College of Letters and Sciences
Peggy Huston, Campus Shared Services
Ann Jeffrey, Administration and Finance
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Demography
Todd LaPorte, Political Science
Tsu-Jae King Liu, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Kathy Mendonca, Human Resources
Pam Miller, Sponsored Projects Office  
Pat Schlesinger, Research Administration and Compliance
Suzanne Sutton, College of Chemistry

Reponsibilities: Advising body; provides input and makes recommendations; monitors project progress, addresses risks and issues; assists with prioritization