Regional Integrated Service Delivery

A new model for delivering integrated research administration and other services has been developed and is now being deployed.  The “regional model” aims to create integrated service teams to provide clusters of schools, colleges, and organized research units with research administration, human resources, purchasing, travel reimbursement, and other aspects of administration.

ERSO, the regional services team serving the College of Engineering, the School of Environmental Design, and the School of Information, has been in operations for several years and is considered the first regional service team. The ChaMPS region, serving the College of Chemistry and the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences; and the BEST region, serving the College of Natural Resources and the Division of Biological Sciences both became operational in 2018. The approach is now being deployed across additional regions to support academic and research units across campus with a goal of all regions being operational by early 2019. 

Five academic regions and one administrative region have been identified. The five academic regions are:

  • ERSO – Colleges of Engineering, Environmental Design, and School of Information (in operations);
  • ChaMPS – Chemistry and Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (in operations);
  • BEST –  College of Natural Resources and Division of Biological Sciences (in operations);
  • Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities; and
  • Professional Schools

A sixth region will serve employees in administrative units, the University Library, auxiliaries, and Intercollegiate Athletics. 

Each region will have a Regional Associate Dean and a Regional Director directing the operations. Associate Deans and Directors will meet monthly to discuss issues affecting service delivery across all regions.

Regional Leadership




ERSO Karl Van Bibber Cynthia Weekley
ChaMPS Ron Cohen Samantha Yee
BEST Rebecca Heald Adam Berke
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Max Auffhammer Teal Sexton
Professional Schools John Flanagan - interim Monica Porter - interim 
Region Six Peggy Huston 

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