William E. Kastenberg

Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering
Department of Nuclear Engineering
(510) 642-5010
(510) 643-9685
Research Expertise and Interest
risk management, risk assessment, nuclear reactor safety, ethical issues in emerging technologies

Dr. Kastenberg's research interests include the development and application of risk assessment and risk management methods for complex technological and natural systems, as well as nuclear reactor safety, toxic waste control, energy and the environment, and applied mathematics. More recently, he has focused on ethical issues concerning the development of new technologies, multi-stakeholder decision making and on the quantification of uncertainty. Professor Kastenberg has published papers on high-level radioactive waste disposal, on severe accident mitigation systems, value-impact assessment for decay heat removal systems in light water reactors, and on the allocation of safety goals for liquid metal reactors. In the environmental arena, he has published papers on risk analysis techniques for problems associated with toxic waste control with emphasis on metal emissions from incinerators, and groundwater contamination. The latter involves volatile organic compounds and pesticides.

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