Research Expertise and Interest

wireless sensor networks, ecological monitoring, rock mechanics, geophysics, nano-seismology

Research Description


Our laboratory investigates the application of intelligent sensors networks, geophysics, basic rock mechanics, and nanoseismic analysis.


In the News

NSF awards $2 million to expand Sierra Nevada water sensors

CITRIS researchers at UC Berkeley and UC Merced have received a $2 million NSF grant to expand their network of wireless sensors in the Sierra Nevada. The sensors enable remote monitoring of snow depth, stream flow, water content in soil and use of water in vegetation – data that will be used to help manage one of the most precious resources in the state.

Getting to the root of the water cycle

In a remarkable outdoor laboratory in the Sierra, UC Merced and UC Berkeley researchers are using sensors to gather a mother lode of data to greatly improve ecological measurement and hydrologic forecasting.

CITRIS researchers deploy IT tools to help monitor California water supply

While more than half of California’s water comes from snow in the Sierra Nevada, it is difficult for water managers to measure and track through the year. Now, scientists at UC Berkeley and UC Merced — supported by the multi-campus Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) — are using networks of wireless sensors to measure snow depth and other environmental factors.

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