Sangwei Lu

Adjunct Professor, Infectious Diseases
School of Public Health
(510) 643 4986
Research Expertise and Interest
pathogenesis, Salmonella, foodborne diseases
Research Description

The research in our laboratory focuses on foodborne pathogens, especially Salmonella serovars. We study how Salmonella regulates its virulence characteristics and how it colonizes animal hosts. We also develop attenuated Salmonella strains for use as gene-delivery tools.

In the News

February 7, 2011

Researchers turn Salmonella into anti-viral gene therapy agent

UC Berkeley researchers have converted Salmonella bacteria from a foodborne pathogen into a safe delivery vehicle for anti-viral agents. They inserted virus-stopping ribozymes into Salmonella that had their ability to cause disease disabled, and then used the bacteria to effectively treat mice infected with cytomegalovirus. It is the first time bacteria have been successfully engineered to treat a viral infection.