Research Expertise and Interest

disease ecology, medical entomology, parasitology, ticks and tick-borne diseases

Research Description

Robert S. Lane is a professor of the graduate school in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management.   He retired from his UC Berkeley faculty position in 2010, though he continues to teach freshman seminars and a graduate course, while continuing long-term research on the ecology, epidemiology and prevention of tick-borne diseases, particularly Lyme disease (LD).  This bacterial infection is by far the most commonly reported arthropod-borne infection (i.e., among those transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes or fleas) in the United States and parts of Europe and Asia.

In the News

Tick population plummets in absence of lizard hosts

The Western fence lizard’s reputation for helping to reduce the threat of Lyme disease is in jeopardy. A new study led by UC Berkeley researchers found that areas where the lizard had been removed saw a subsequent drop in the population of the ticks that transmit Lyme disease. The decline in tick numbers seems to suggest a decreased risk of human exposure to Lyme disease when the lizard is gone.

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