Robert Hass

Robert Hass

Professor, Poet Laureate
Dept of English
(510) 642-2746
Research Expertise and Interest
English, poetry, poetry writing, American poetry, history of the short poem in English, contemporary literature, translation, environmental writing, literature and the environment, the natural history tradition in American writing
Research Description

Robert Hass's recent research interests include poetry, poetry writing, American poetry, the history of the short poem in English, contemporary literature, and translation.

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January 14, 2020
Dan Chiasson
Summer Snow, poet and English professor Robert Hass's new book of poetry, "is a fifty-year standoff between concentration and dispersal: part haiku, part road trip," according to this critic. "When his new poems turn up, they often embed, almost as an alibi, behind-the-scenes footage of how and where they were written, including outtakes and bloopers. They are shapes made in time, over time, like the mellow hikes and meandering conversations that they sometimes describe. 'Summer Snow,' with its patient count of tanagers, warblers, aspens, and gentian, its year-after-year audit of the dead, its tallies of everything from our country's drone strikes to his friends' strokes, is Hass's inner history of the decade. It arrives right on time."
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