Richard Karp

Professor of Bioengineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Division of Computer Science/EECS
(510) 642-5799
(510) 643-5775
Research Expertise and Interest
computational molecular biology, genomics, DNA molecules, structure of genetic regulatory networks, combinatorial and statsitical methods
Research Description

University Professor of Computer Science, Bioengineering and Mathematics, is a computer scientist working on the algorithmic aspects of computational molecular biology and genomics. He has developed methods for the physical mapping of DNA molecules. His current interests are in the application of combinatorial and statsitical methods to analyzing microarray data and the structure of genetic regulatory networks.

In the News

May 1, 2012

Q&A with Richard Karp

Establishing a new research institute at a top-tier university is a major undertaking that required a great deal of teamwork to pull off. In a recent interview, Richard Karp, founding director of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, gave the inside story on how it all came together.