Richard C. Van Sluyters

Professor of Optometry and Vision Science, Chair, Animal Care and Use Committee
School of Optometry
(510) 642-1235
Research Expertise and Interest
optometry, vision science, Mammalian developmental visual neurobiology
Research Description

Past research in the Van Sluyters laboratory focused on Mammalian Developmental Visual Neurobiology, in particular, determining the extent to which development of connections in the central visual pathways of mammals is guided by environmental, as opposed to genetic, factors. A variety of neuroanatomical, neurophysiological and behavioral techniques were used to address research problems relevant to this issue. One main goal was to understand the rules that govern the establishment, maintenance and modifiability of input from the two eyes onto single neurons in the striate cortex. A second major goal was to determine the role of vision in the development of interhemispheric cortical connections.

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