Nelson H. H. Graburn

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
Dept of Anthropology
(510) 642-2120
(510) 643-8557
Research Expertise and Interest
social and cultural anthropology, kinship, art, tourism, Japan, circumpolar, China, Heritage, Inuit
Research Description

I was educated in Natural Sciences and Anthropology at Cambridge, McGill and the University of Chicago. I have carried out ethnographic research with the Inuit (and Naskapi) of Canada (and Alaska and Greenland) since 1959, and in Japan since 1974 and China since 1991. I have taught at Berkeley since 1964, with visiting appointments at the National Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Le Centre des Hautes Etudes Touristiques, Aix-en-Provence, the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) Osaka, the Universidade Federale Rio Grande del Sol,Porto Alegre, Brazil, London Metropolitan University, Yunnan National University (Yunda), Kunming, the Research Center for Korean Studies, National University of Kyushu (Kyudai), Fukuoka, Beijing International Studies University (BISU), and the Nationalities University (Minda), Beijing. I have taught courses on Anthropology of Kinship; Tourism; Circumpolar Peoples; Japan, and since 1977, the seminar "Tourism, Art and Modernity." My recent research has focused on the study of art, heritage,tourism, museums, and the expression and representation of cultural identity. My most recent two books are on Tourism and Glocalization in East Asia and on Multiculturalism in the New Japan. I am working with the Inuit cultural organization, Avataq, in Nunavik, on aspects of cultural preservation and autonomy. I am continuing my research on contemporary Inuit arts including "urban Inuit arts" and on Tourism in the Canadian Arctic.

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