Milton Azevedo

Milton Azevedo

Professor Emeritus
Dept of Spanish and Portuguese
(510) 642-6771
(510) 642-6957
Research Expertise and Interest
linguistics, Spanish, Portuguese
Research Description

Milton M. Azevedo received his Ph. D. from Cornell University in 1973 and is a Fellow (Académico Numerario) of the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española and a Corresponding Fellow (Académico Correspondiente) of the Real Academia Española. He has taught at the universities of Illinois, Colorado and Minnesota and given lectues and seminars at universities in the United States, Australia, Spain, England,  The Netherlands, and Portugal.

His research focuses on themes of stylistics, literary narrative, and translation. His publications include O Subjuntivo em Português: Um Estudo Transformacional (1976), Passive Sentences in English and Portuguese (1980), A Contrastive Phonology of Portuguese and English (1981), Introducción a la lingüística española (3rd ed. 2009), La parla i el text (1996),  Vozes em Branco e Preto: A representação literária da fala não-padrão (2003), and Portuguese: A Linguistic Introduction (2005), besides over fifty articles in journals such as Hispania, Hispanic Linguistics, and The Hemingway Review. Most recently he co-translated, with Karen Sherwood Sotelino, Ph.D., the novel Memórias das Estrelas sem Brilho, by Portuguese author José Leon Machado, published under the title Darkening Stars.

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