Research Expertise and Interest

computational biology, algorithms, phylogenetic tree reconstruction, protein structure prediction, multiple sequence alignment, evolution, bioinformatics, hidden Markov models, metagenomics, statistical modeling, phylogenomics, emerging and neglected diseases, machine learning, genome annotation, metagenome annotation, systems biology, functional site prediction, ortholog identification

Research Description

Research in the Sjolander lab involve statistical modeling and machine-learning algorithm development with applications to computational biology. Application areas include: genome functional annotation; metagenomics/microbial community annotation for taxonomic origin and function; protein structure prediction; multiple sequence alignment; active site detection; phylogenetic tree estimation; phylogenomics methods for ortholog identification; protein-protein interaction; systems biology (biological network inference using phylogenomic approaches).  We are funded by the DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase to develop phylogenomic resources for genome and metagenome functional annotation and host the PhyloFacts Phylogenomic Database and Web Servers.

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