Justin McCrary

Professor of Law
Berkeley Law
Research Expertise and Interest
statistics, law and economics, labor economics, business law
Research Description

I work at the intersection of law and economics. My earliest research was on the effect of court-ordered changes to the hiring practices of police departments on the racial composition of police officers and on crime and arrest patterns. I work as well as on understanding the ebb and flow of crime rates over time and across space and also on the tradeoffs facing governments allocating criminal justice dollars to apprehension efforts (e.g., police) and punishment efforts (e.g., prison). In addition to papers on crime, I have worked on a wide variety of topics, including education, health, inequality, econometrics, and monetary policy. More recently, I have become interested in computational economics and in business law, particularly in regards to corporations, and its intersection with the economics literature on the theory of the firm.

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