John Prausnitz

John M. Prausnitz

Professor of the Graduate School
Dept of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
(510) 642-3592
Research Expertise and Interest
biotechnology, chemical engineering, molecular thermodynamics, phase equilibria, Monte-Carlo molecular simulations, statistical mechanics of fluids and solids, transport of water/oxygen/salt in contact lenses, properties of lithium salts in non aqueous solvents and solvent mixtures for lithium-ion batteries
Research Description

The purpose of John Prausnitz's research group is to obtain, interpret and correlate thermodynamic properties of a variety of mixtures as required for process and product design in the chemical and related industries, including biotechnology. Recently, emphasis was given to methords for producing biofuels, and to development of next-generation contact lenses; at present, attention is directed at thermodynamic properties for lithium-ion batteries.  Toward those ends, Prausnitz and coworkers obtain experimental data, perform Monte-Carlo molecular simulations and develop molecular-thermodynamic models based on the statistical mechanics of fluids and solids. Attention is given to natural gas, polymers and protein solutions. While these research studies contribute to our fundamental understanding of gases and condensed matter, primary focus in directed at application for chemical product and process design.

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