Research Expertise and Interest

nuclear engineering, numerical methods in reactor physics, neutron and photon transport, reactor core design and analysis, shielding, radiation protection, biomedical application of radiation, optimization techniques for vector, parallel computers

Research Description

Professor Vujic teaches undergraduate courses in introduction to nuclear engineering, introduction to nuclear reactor theory, and radiation protection and control, as well as graduate courses in nuclear reactor theory, and numerical methods in reactor design and analysis. Her research interests include development of advanced numerical methods for the neutronic analysis of nuclear reactors, radiation shielding, and medical applications of radiation; neutron and photon transport theory; reactor core design and analysis; optimization techniques for vector and parallel computing systems. Recently, she and Prof. Prussin developed a new Bionuclear and Radiological Physics option within the Engineering Science/ Bioengineering Program.

In the News

RadWatch project brings near real-time radiation data to the public

A team of UC Berkeley scientists has launched a project called RadWatch to provide the public online access to a wealth of information — including near real-time readings — on environmental radiation levels. The researchers say the effort is meant to demystify radiation, an often misunderstood subject.

Nuclear Experts Say U.S. Safe from Japan Radiation

Radiation from a tsunami-crippled nuclear power plant in Japan does not pose a public safety risk to people outside of the disaster area, UC Berkeley nuclear engineers told an overflow audience of about 100 people at the Institute for East Asian Studies.

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