George Sensabaugh

George Sensabaugh

Emeritus Professor of the Graduate School
School of Public Health
(510) 642-1271
(510) 642-6350
Research Expertise and Interest
molecular epidemiology, microbial population genetics, forensic science, forensic biology
Research Description

Microbial Population Genetics and Epidemiology

We are interested in the genetic structure of populations of species in the genus staphylococcus and in the role of mobile elements in shaping variation within and between species.

Forensic Science

Our research interests focus on the analysis and interpretation of biological evidence, with a current emphasis on the utilization of biological evidence in the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault.

Current Projects: 

  • Genomic characterization, population structure, and evolution of Staphylococcus saprophyticus
  • Review of evidence collection and DNA profile outcomes in sexual assault cases

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