Fiona Doyle

Fiona M. Doyle

Donald H. McLaughlin Professor of Mineral Engineering; Vice Provost for Graduate Studies & Dean of the Graduate Division
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
(510) 642-5472
Research Expertise and Interest
electrochemistry, mineral processing, solution processing of materials, interfacial chemistry, extractive metallurgy, remediation of abandoned mines
  • Aqueous chemistry in the processing and behavior of minerals, materials, wastes and effluents. 
  • Electrochemistry. 
  • Equilibrium, kinetics, mass transfer and mechanisms in aqueous, organic and solid systems. 
  • Leaching and transformations of minerals. 
  • Hydrolysis, precipitation and coprecipitation. 
  • Solvent extraction and organic phase reactions. 
  • Novel separation processes. 
  • Environmental impact of mineral and metallurgical processing. 
  • Chemical mechanical planarization. 
  • Solution processing of nanostructured materials

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